Owl Furniture® is ergonomic comfort. Developed in 2009 by Geoffrey Warner Studio in response to a new and challenging economy, Owl Furniture is handcrafted in Maine from sustainably grown hardwood. Choose your favorite Owl Furniture pieces to suit your kitchen, study, dining room, library or home office. Owl Furniture is designed to be used comfortably for long periods of time, so our wooden stools are fantastic for sitting at a desk, conference table, drafting table, or for playing an instrument. Our wooden barstools, chairs, desks and music stands are all expertly crafted with a unique aesthetic that emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood. The pieces go beautifully together, but also make a statement on their own. In addition to finished furniture pieces, we offer Owl Stool kits and workshops so you can enjoy the experience of building the handmade owl stool of your choice.