Owl Furniture® was developed in 2009 by Geoffrey Warner in response to a new and challenging economy. These designs stem from a core philosophy that honors Community, Ecology and Economy. By offering kits and workshops as well as finished furniture we are able to reach out to many more people interested in owning something beautiful, comfortable and handmade. We are always interested in your ideas and observations. You can reach us at info@geoffreywarnerstudio.com.

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The Lumber Support Accessory


The Lumber Support Accessory is designed to attach to an Rolling Owl, Perch or 4 Legged Owl Stool and provides gentle lumber support when adjusted properly. The adjustments allow it to move up and down and in and out to accommodate a variety of different body sizes. It is offered in either Cherry or Walnut wood and the metal portion in powder-coated Black and Bright.

Here is a video showing how to attach and adjust the Lumbar Support accessory.

Shipping for the Lumbar Support accessory is $20.00

No extra charge for shipping with an Owl Stool.

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Price: $195.00