Owl Furniture® was developed in 2009 by Geoffrey Warner in response to a new and challenging economy. These designs stem from a core philosophy that honors Community, Ecology and Economy. By offering kits and workshops as well as finished furniture we are able to reach out to many more people interested in owning something beautiful, comfortable and handmade. We are always interested in your ideas and observations. You can reach us at info@geoffreywarnerstudio.com.

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The OM Meditation Stool


The new OM Stool is an ergonomic and aesthetic solution designed to meet the needs of meditators who have limited flexibility. It provides all the postural benefits of the Owl Stool  by removing pressure from the sits bones and the lower spine, encouraging optimal spinal alignment. We have also rounded the front corners for greater comfort while sitting with crossed legs.  The OM Stool slopes 2", from 10" high in the back to 8" in the front, however it can be ordered in any height from 18" down to 1.5" off the floor.

Please see our video for more information, and how to adjust the height yourself !

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