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Posted on: May 1st, 2012 by Geoffrey Warner 2 Comments

Our current project is four interior doors for a New York family. With the desire to bring nature and character into their NYC apartment, Geoff selected 4 different live edge wood panels—English Wych Elm, Olive, Big Leaf Maple and European Walnut. This project began with creating a mahogany frame for each door.  Each live edge board is then sanded and routed to accept the custom-shaped mahogany splines that fill the space between the live edge and frame. To bring out the beautiful wood grain, each panel will receive 3 coats of hand-rubbed tung oil. We look forward to showing you the final pieces in May.

Image above shows unfinished English Wych Elm door with an example of an oiled English Wych Elm board (left) in the background.

Custom Piece Opportunity ~ What’s Your Dream?

Geoff will be delivering these custom doors and visiting Hearne Hardwoods mid-May.  If you would like to give some beautiful wood a second life, Geoff can select the perfect live edge board for your project.  Please contact Geoff to discuss your table, desk, door or other furniture.  Contact Geoff by May 10th – we’re ready to fill our empty van before returning to the Studio!  Thank you.

Geoff and company

Geoffrey Warner Studio

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  1. Carsten says:

    Geoff. Nice material. Should you be searching for another of this fine wooded species the last of one of the great historic trees in Flushing, NY a Wych Elm is in decline. Egregious construction impacts by the NYC School Construction Authority a few years ago irreparably damaged the root system of this street tree. At some point likely to be cut and removed. Would be ashamed to waste that wood by dumping into a Mohrbark tub grinder.

    Location: Franklin Ave, between Main Street and Kissena Blvd, westbound side of street. Do a google street view search.

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