Geoff Goes Undercover!

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by Geoffrey Warner 2 Comments

Usually Geoff completes his custom woodworking projects in the shop, but occasionally he must add the finishing touches on-site.

As we described in an earlier Custom Doors blog, Geoff recently made four wooden live edge doors for a NYC family.  During the installation, he needed to get creative and used a sheet as a dust catcher when he routed the doors for the on-site fitting.  For a chuckle, checkout the brief  “Geoff Goes Undercover” video.  Here’s an image of two installed doors–the live edge tree panels are frame by mahogany:

During the last blog, we mentioned the great article in July Issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, here’s a link to the article if you haven’t seen the issue yet.

For folks in the Stonington Maine area, see you at the Farmer’s Market on Friday, 10-12!

Come try an Owl Stool — a great wooden stool for Kitchens, Living Rooms & Offices!

Geoff & the G.W. Studio Team


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  1. William Silverstein says:

    These are my doors and they are so beautiful that every time I walk by them they give me such joy. Thank you Geoff for doing such an incredible job I hope that you will give people my email address as a reference and am willing to give them a look if they want to see your craftsmanship up close

  2. Dexter Barnett says:

    Nice doors! Thanks for featuring them on this post – who said that doors cannot make a statement?

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