A commission starts with an inspiration, an existing furniture piece, a design, or, perhaps, a beautiful piece of wood.

Inspiration can then lead into an exciting dialog between us. This dialog includes discussing your needs and ideas, referring to past pieces of my own work, the creation of drawings, more dialogue and feedback, selection of the wood and then honing the details. I enjoy this engagement and interaction with my customers and as a designer, it is important for me to remain open to your thoughts while working to interpret your original ideas into a unique finished piece. Being a small, independent shop allows for this kind of personal attention and flexibility.

Commissions I have completed range from prototypes and one of a kind pieces, to furniture for entire dwellings. I have designed and built kitchens, entertainment centers, a post and beam house and my shop & studio here in Stonington.

A design retainer fee accompanies the request for drawings. Wood and finish samples are also available as needed. Once the drawings are approved, work can begin on the commission. A payment schedule is negotiated to suit both parties and a contract is drawn up.

I encourage you to drop us a line at [email protected] or complete the form below with any questions you may have.

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