We have been loving our Owl stools from the moment we brought them home last summer.  The kids loved making them and have such pride in their work – especially as they are our stools that we use everyday at our breakfast nook 🙂  They always tell people how they sanded for hours!!!  – K. Siemen Paxton, MA


I just wanted to drop a line and say that I love my custom Owl Stool, and use it all the time now when I’m practicing and playing my guitars.  Thanks again for a genius product that not only functions great, but looks nice in the living room as well!           – K. Schmidt    Lutherville, MD


“Yesterday I unpacked three owl stool kits for the house here in Anchorage, Alaska. They look beautiful. These stools are replacements for the ones I got from you two years ago in Maine.
Last June I left Hallowell to return to Alaska. Part of the arduous process was selling the Maine house. You may recall that the housing market has been a bit stressed the past couple of years and I feared that getting a sale would be difficult. It would be especially difficult to not lose money.
The sale price was a little high for the neighborhood, but still within reason. We hoped for the best. Sure enough we did get a few  agents walking through with curious buyers. No bites. Then a man came by and noticed the Owl stools pushed up against the kitchen bar. He fell in love.
To wrap up, he bought the house expressing no particular interest in the normal sale accouterments like the washing machine and curtains. He only wanted me to leave the Owl stools. That was the clincher and the only reason I could tell the house sold at the asking price in such a tough market.
Thanks. And thanks for continuing to make  the stools so I can get some more.”  – C. Madison,   Anchorage, AK


After experiencing no fidgeting or fatigue while sitting on an Owl Stool during a long meeting, Lise told us that the Owl Stool is “One of the most comfortable things I’ve ever sat on!” –Lise, Owls Head, Maine


“39 years ago, at the age of 22, I had my first back surgery for a ruptured disc.  When I was 36, I had two more surgeries.   My focus since my first surgery has been on prevention of back pain.  I exercise faithfully, and I have had a pain free life for the most part.  This is not to say I don’t have my limitations.  The first limitation is the kind of chair, couch or stool I am sitting in.  I avoid most of them, as they make my back feel uncomfortable and unstable, and often choose to sit on the floor instead.  When I purchased the Owl Stool, I experienced INSTANT back relief.  It was as if I was floating on air.  For the first time in nearly 40 years, I can sit without a worry in the world!  Thank you for giving me a big part of my life back!” – Susie D. S. Portland, ME.


“I will never forget the wonderful Owl stool workshop. I LOVE my stool and it’s absolutely beautiful and totally comfortable no matter how long I sit.” – Dana VB.  Alexandria, VA


I recently had a back surgery with some nerve damage and it took a while to be able to sit on the hard surface but I am very happy to report that my stool is the perfect accompaniment to my harp playing. I can sit for longer times with the Owl versus a regular stool or chair and I am able to sit up straighter when I play because of the design of the Owl. I took it with me to a harp conference and lots of people wanted to know what it was and tried it out.  It is easy to carry and lightweight, a real advantage when lugging around a Celtic harp. Thanks for helping my back heal and for giving me back my enjoyment of music. – J. R. Wilmington, NC


“Every piece we have commissioned from Geoffrey Warner has turned out to be ‘an antique of the future’. He is a true craftsman. His exquisite joinery, tender loving use of wood and strong design sense combine to make a product we can happily specify for our multinational clients.”  –  Clodagh Design, New York, NY  –  www.clodagh.com


“Geoff has crafted exceptional furniture for my clients and has created an heirloom piece for myself. His work will be appreciated for years.” –  Richard B., Architect, Camden, Maine    www.bp-architecture.com


“I have purchased several pieces of furniture from Geoff Warner over the past several years and have been completely satisfied with his design and craftsmanship. The design phase involved a two-way conversation in which he generously explained his vision and responded to my requests. The pieces have been much admired by our many guests.”   –  L.W. Maine


“A little fan mail: love my [cherry owl] stool, I’ve been sitting on it for days now, and am feeling no pain — plus it’s a thing of beauty.”
– K. Anderson, Ithaca, New York


“The workshop was a great way for us to spend time together as a family, get away from computers and televisions, and work with our hands to create something FUNctional. Even better we were able to support local Maine craftsmanship.  Our family gained an appreciation for working with our hands to build our owl stool . . . with no power tools!  Geoff was great with the kids and they left with smiles and beautiful pieces of furniture that we’re sure they’ll cherish for years to come.”   –  D. Webb  Blue Hill, ME


 “Don’t think stool. This is an ergonomically designed, doctor evaluated postural support, which eases both spine tension and sitting pressures. An aesthetic balance has been struck between beautiful form and healthy spinal support.”  –  Dr. M. Aker, Blue Hill, Maine

“We are so pleased to have your beautiful owl stool in our kitchen! It’s a perfect fit and visitors all ask about it, so we tell them your story : ) It arrived safe and sound and has been put to immediate use on a first-come-first-sit basis. Thanks to you and all of your staff for making such a great stool.”
C. Gunderson, Oronoco, Minnesota