The Next Parliament

Posted on: April 6th, 2010 by Geoffrey Warner No Comments

Designing the Owl Chair

Owl Play

Oiling the next parliament  of stools.

Serious sanding.

Another busy day on the foggy coast of Maine. We’re been sanding and oiling Owl Stools and a walnut dining room table. The design for the new Owl Chair is coming together and filling the shop with new parts and jigs. The conference table and desk were picked up last week so there is now room for new projects to begin.

Today was the last day for Jasmine. She’s off to Mystic Connecticut to work on the Schooner Brilliant.  Luckily we’ve had the help of Wren for the last couple days, who has brought laughter and spunk to endless sanding and oiling. Now that’s it’s Spring it’s getting harder and harder to stay inside…..

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