Giving a Hoot for the Holidays

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Living and working on an island off the coast of Maine can present some significant marketing challenges, especially as the days close in with chilly darkness and summer folks migrate south. Sunny summer days are still in mind, but there is a fresh clear quality in the air. Cold fronts are pushing in from the northwest, shaking trees, rattling leaves to the ground. I can now sneak peek through bare branches and see what my neighbors are up to. It seems most distractions are gone: foliage, tourists, traffic, special events and summer celebrations, some shops and galleries are closing their doors until next summer.

For those of us who stay, resources become more precious.

Sun setting in the west . . . weather fronts are getting colder.

We have worked hard to store up what we need for this reflective half of the year. Fishing has abounded for those who collect from the sea, a nice shot this year for our island’s economy. Summer people have placed commissions and bought what they want or need from artists and builders.

We are hunkering down now.

24″ cherry Owl stool

The past six months have been good to us. We have sold about 150 Owl stools so far over the last year! Orders are slowing but still coming in. The challenge of keeping sales going year-round is a big one and we are poised to try. Our plan is to celebrate the Owl stool by promoting it through the holiday season and offering a 10% discount for any kits ordered before Jan. 1st. Workshops will be offered on the 1st Saturday of each month through the winter. The kit and workshop makes a wonderful gift for the holiday season.

Owl stool Kit ready to be assembled. Students can complete a stool in a short day working and learning in our shop and walk out the door with a finished Owl stool. Offered in cherry and walnut, 17” – 32” high

Students finishing their Owl stools during one of last summer’s workshops.

Lining up the round mortice holes for installing the ash stretchers into the legs.

Finished stools and other Owl furniture pieces can be seen and ordered through our website, and our gallery will be open through the winter months. Feel free to stop by and see what we are working on as we have a number of interesting commissions in the queue.

Stonington Continuous Arm Chair in cherry. We have been commissioned to make ten this winter out of walnut.

Owl chairs and dining table in walnut. Chairs are offered with and without postural support holes.

Owl Graduates about to be clunked by “The Stonecarver.”

Thanks to the many friends and customers who have helped to make this a busy and exciting year. All of us at Geoffrey Warner Studio wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday season.             Peace and Pronoia

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