Polly the Champion

Posted on: August 4th, 2014 by Geoffrey Warner 1 Comment

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Ah, the faithful shop dog. They do not ask for recognition for their never ending dedication to the job they were entrusted with. The unfailing work ethic is an inspiration to all their two-legged coworkers. No matter how enthusiastically you greet your customers, you can never hope to outdo the salutations of a wagging tail and little woof of pleasure. A dog has the unique ability to make every customer feel special and wanted the second they walk through the door. No dog performs this task with more stoic grace than Polly the labradoodle.

She has been tirelessly performing her job at Geoffrey Warner Studio for nearly three years. Countless vacationers, travelers, casual shoppers, and avid buyers have patted the well deserving head of Polly. There are no trophies awarded for the hard work of a shop dog. Polly may never find herself on the cover of Cosmo or stand on the golden podium of the 2016 Summer Olympic, but this does not bother her, because she doesn’t do it for the recognition… until now.

The 12th Annual World Championship Boatyard Dog Trials are this Sunday. Polly has been training all season, running the beaches, chasing the stick, doing laps in the salty brine. She faces six seasoned competitors all raring to take home the glorious Pup Cup. At the Champion Ship last year Polly was excited just to be an alternate and perhaps get the chance to sniff the winner, a Portuguese water dog by the name of Ruffles. The competitive bug must have rubbed off on her, because now she is one montage away from changing her name to Rocky.

If you are in the Rockland area this Sunday, stop by the Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show around 10:30. Polly’s employers, Geoffrey Warner Studio will be there, showing off the fantastic Owl Stools, and cheering on their budding champion. Drop by their booth, try out the superior comfort of the Owl Stool, then watch Polly navigate the three harrowing events of the competition. See her run the “Dockside Obstacle Course”, Jump the “Dinghy Hop”, and capture the “Freestyle” with her secret routine. Look out Ruffles, you’ve got a challenger this year. May the best dog win.


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  1. Cyntthia Lay says:

    Go Polly…you can win this year….I’m rooting for you and sending you a huge hug and logs of loving pats.

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