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Maker Faire—Weekend Review—Custommade Takes the Maker Faire By StormMaker Faire—Weekend Review—Custommade Takes the Maker Faire By Storm

Arielle showing off some lovely CustomMade merch at our booth!

CustomMade ran a $500 raffle towards any custom service on our site, and we featured Maker T-shirts designed by our very own Steven Trevathan. The CustomMade booth was resplendent with images of some of our coolest custom items, including a colorful glass Cabinet Knob by Alex Matheson, an undulating ‘Jellyfish’ Table by Robert Brou, gleaming Striped Sins Cut Tear Vases by Lynne Meade, and a sleek Petal Coffee Table by Eric David Laxman. We were thrilled that both Eric David Laxman and Danny Birnbaum of Saco and Birnbaum Fine Woodworking came to check out our booth – it was really cool to have our very own makers join us as we spread the word about our online platform. These are two of the actual makers that CustomMade users work with to create items made personally for them, and they were there to tell the tale.One of the highlights of the Faire was watching people experience custom firsthand.  Maine artisan Geoffrey Warner was kind enough to lend us The Owl Stool which perched welcomingly at the front of our Faire booth and drew quite a response from the crowd, as people would eye the stool, look at us to make sure they could try it out, and then let out a sigh of comfort as they sat down and relaxed.

A maker checking out the Owl Stool at the CM booth!

It was also cool to speak with the inquisitive people that would listen patiently as we gave the CustomMade spiel and then offer at the end, “well you know, I’ve been a wood craftsmen for over 20 years…” or “I teach design and your model is relevant to my students” – so many people are involved in some aspect of making and are seeking new ways to get their services out there.

Cassie and Matt exchange goofy glances in a crowd

Many of us who work at custom made are makers ourselves. As a painter, I know what it feels like to spend hours in the studio plodding away at a project; the amount of concentration it requires and the time and practice it takes to acquire real, masterful skill. The constant tension between gut-wrenching frustration and beaming satisfaction that surrounds the creative process, which drives an unending pursuit of an even better solution to the project you are working to realize. Our presence at the Maker Faire brought to life the community of makers that we are all a part of, and drove home the purpose of CustomMade.

The people who came out to Flushing this weekend to see what the Maker Faire was all about are the people who recognize that making things—the lifelong process of creation and innovation—has enduring value. It is both humbling and inspiring to be reminded that in a world where we no longer need to make things by hand to go about our daily lives, dedicated individuals continue to devote their time to making. There’s nothing quite as gratifying as making something with your own hands, and there’s nothing that compares to handmade, custom made items.

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