The power of two

Posted on: March 5th, 2010 by Geoffrey Warner 1 Comment

Yesterday I received $2.00 in the mail from a company that wanted me to complete a survey about TV. I have no clue about TV these days so the literature went into the trash and the money went into my wallet.Later on that day my daughter posted on Face book that she had found  $2.00 on the street in Philly. and then $24.00 while bicycling home. I asked If she had seen my $24.00 ?

This morning while lying in bed I thought about the coincidental / serendipitous $2.00 offerings. For each of us to receive  $2.00 on the same day, Wow that’s never happened before ! I thought about the power of two …two dollars, two people connecting, ………, two feet walking on, etc. I thought about a homeless person waiting for a hand out on the side of the street. How much is $2.oo to me or my daughter ? Not much, but because of our coincidental discoveries I found a spark of delight, that went way beyond the face value of the currency.

I wonder what value a homeless person puts on one or two dollars. The cold cash going into a hand or basket in the time it takes for us to walk on by as the day pulls us onward. Next time I encounter a homeless person I will be reminded about the $2.00 gifts and the power of two. Two people connecting in some small way, by fate or not where serendipity can occur or at least a little hope can surface . I will give my offering, and a breath of time for what is possible, by lending an ear or meeting their eyes and honoring the power of two.

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  1. Martha says:

    This is a neat little story. I have children in California, Tennessee, and Connecticut, and I love it when we happen upon such serendipitious incidents. It’s a small world after all (hmmm…maybe that $24 actually belongs to me! :-))

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