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Today began with a blend of activity focused on two big projects. First I visited Jasmine out in the boat shed where she was sawing off the ends of  350 bungs she cut from a mahogany board and glued into Willow’s hull  yesterday. In spite of the cold rainy weather she seemed happy to be moving Willow along towards her projected June launch and 2nd charter season. We are undertaking a FaceBook ad that includes a sweepstakes for a getaway weekend and a cruise aboard Willow so it is important that she be seaworthy soon.

Jasmine Hard At Work

Later, in the workshop downstairs, Jasmine and Geoff resumed work on the Continuous Arm Chairs, 13 of them in this run. Shaping the arm bends involves using eleven different machines to achieve the precision necessary to attach them to the backs and legs with accuracy. We are so fortunate to have Jasmine’s bright spirit and careful eye in these projects  Her departure next month will leave a big hole in our lives.

Jasmine (with armchair bend) and Geoff in the workshop.

Maintaining sharp blades and scrapers is important to our efficiency and Geoff spent time touching those up for the big push ahead.

Geoff sharpening a scraper

And finally, today our office diva Darci taught me  the intricacies of posting a blog. Thanks Darci!

Darci Hard At Work

Upcoming Events:

There is still time to sign up for our next Owl Stool Workshop the first Saturday in May. Call 207-367-6555 to reserve a space to build your own Owl Stool. The fun workshop is a great way to keep busy before the warm weather tempts you outdoors!

Until then Happy Soggy Spring!


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