We are back from delivering furniture to NY

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by Geoffrey Warner No Comments

A few weeks ago Iana and I loaded up the van and delivered furniture to customers in NY. A parliament of Owl chairs, and a walnut dining table, some owl stools, and two  Stonington continuous arm chairs made of cherry. We were fortunate to have built in an extra day and night to enjoy the glory of spring, at it’s peak in Central Park, after being  happily greeted by our customers. I had a chance to go sailing and Iana was able to lounge about in a cherry tree, while surrounded by its blossoms ! The horse and buggy looked to slow for our eager pace ….so  next we hiked over to the east side for a visit to the Guggenheim …..and then more restaurants !  What a great first part of our vacation after working so hard all winter long


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