Windmill to be Installed in Paul Le Page’s Throat

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As a rule I don’t like to mix politics with my business, but this is one exception to the rule. Here are a few recent quotes and comments by and inspired by our new Governor of Maine. This controversial republican has not been representing our beautiful state of Maine or its citizens, with the grace and respect that is deserved. I am ashamed that he is our Governor. We must act to get him out of office. Here are some  awkward foot in mouth and up the ass examples :

1  –  Paul LePage was elected on 39% of the votes The aposing votes were split between democrats and independents. I think that means he won by default. Not a glamorious start Paul.

2  –  Democrats accuse LePage of nepotism after hiring daughter Democrats accuse LePage of nepotism after hiring daughter — Maine Politics — Bangor Daily News

3  –  In denying support banning BPA, a chemical additive, LePage told the Bangor Daily News that all he’s heard is that “if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So the worst case is some women may have little beards,” he said.Mike Belliveau of the Environmental Health Strategy Center said the governor’s comment “displays shocking ignorance for the science and a callous disregard for children’s health.”

4  –  Jumping forward to the latest blunders… He has made international headlines by taking down the Maine Labor Mural from the walls of the Dept. of Labor. In-spite of wide public outcries and disagreement. The Associated Press: Maine labor mural comes down on governor’s orders

5  –  Conservative ignorance and Public outcry  lead to outragious humor  :

———-> LAUGH at the NEWS: Maine Governor Pincered to Death

Windmill to be Installed in Paul LePage’s Throat | The Sardine Repor These are realy funny but I find no humore in the fact that LePage is our Governor.

6  –  We must support any efforts to get rid of him !

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